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Edward's Environmental Home Improvement Blog

How To Select The Best Waste Water Treatment System

by Terrence Gregory

Several factors need to be considered when selecting a waste water treatment system for your home. This article discusses some of the factors that should influence your final decision.

Water Table Depth

The depth of the water table at your address can determine the most suitable waste water treatment system. The size of most residential lots doesn't give homeowners much flexibility regarding where the waste water system can be located. One should, therefore, select the system that will be most suited to the water table depth at the site. For example, opt for a watertight holding tank if the water table is close to the surface of the soil. That tank can then be pumped periodically so that the waste can be transported to an offsite waste water treatment center.

Site Alteration Requirements

You should also consider the landscaping at your residence before you select a waste water treatment system. Sites with mature trees and other sensitive landscape feature may make it hard to install some waste water treatment systems, such as systems that require you to create a new drain field to replace the one that has failed. Compact systems, such as aeration treatment units, are better suited to locations where minimal surface disturbance is desirable.

System Reliability

Weigh the potential of the waste water system to develop defects or to perform at a lower level during its service life before you select that system. It may be wiser to select a reliable system that may cost more initially to acquire and install instead of buying a lower-priced system that will have reliability issues within its service life. For example, a recirculating media filter system may offer higher levels of reliability than a conventional septic tank system that discharges waste water into a drain field. Research the performance history of the different systems before you select one with a record of reliability.

Waste Factors

The waste water treatment system that you select should also be suitable for the waste characteristics of your property. For example, a home with several kitchens may require a different size of septic tank when compared to a vacation home that is used seasonally. Similarly, a home with numerous family members will need a treatment system that can handle the high flow of waste water from the members of that family.

Several innovative or hybrid waste water systems have been developed to address the needs of different users. Talk to a expert in waste water systems so that they can assess your needs before recommending the most suitable waste water treatment options for your property.


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