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Edward's Environmental Home Improvement Blog

5 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Tree Removal Company

by Terrence Gregory

When it comes to tree removal, unless you are ready to get your hands dirty and have more than basic skills in aboriculture , you need to call a professional. The training and experience these companies possess will get the job done seamlessly. Hiring any service provider comes with risks therefore here are some questions to ask to help you identify the best firm for you.

1.    Will They Present Copies of Their Liability and Worker's Compensation Insurance Certificates Beforehand?

A tree removal company's up-to-date liability and worker's compensation insurance is critical. You may become liable for injury, and harm workers encounter if the firm has outdated or no insurance at all.

Before signing a contract, request copies of both the liability and worker's compensation license certificates and verify them with the stated provider. If the company is hesitant to cooperate, do not engage them further as it is an indicator of potential liability issues.

2.    Will They Provide References?

Once you determine the company is insured, ask for a list of previous clients you can talk to. Get in touch with the references they will provide. Find out what their experience was like when working with the company. Were they professional? Did they successfully procure a tree removal permit from the local council? In case of any damage to property, did they cater to it at no extra expense? The feedback will indicate if the company is a good fit for you.

3.    Can They Give You a Detailed Estimate?

To know the proper cost of work for the removal, you need to get detailed cost estimates from at least three to four companies. You will not only be able to estimate the cost more accurately, but you will gain a better understanding of the scope of work beforehand.

4.    What Is Their Projected Timeline?

How long the tree removal will take is essential for you to evaluate a potential tree service company. Find out beforehand how long they estimate it will take them to carry the task out.

5.    Do They Require a Deposit Upfront?

Tree removal providers do not typically ask for a deposit. Therefore, inquire beforehand if this is a must for them to know if you will proceed to engage them or not.


Tree removal and tree lopping demands due diligence to prevent injuries and damage to property. It is also important to ensure that you get the best value for your money.


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